KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has determined the values of Capacitor vide Valuation Ruling No.734/2015.

Earlier, customs values of Capacitor were determined in 2014. Numerous representations were received in the Directorate to revise the values keeping in view actual price trends as the local manufacturers have strongly agitated against lower values as the ruling was over a year old.

Capacitors of China Origin under PCT 8532.1000 would be assessed to duty and taxes at the following rates:

The customs values of Start Capacitor / Electrolytic Capacitors (For pump water/motors etc.) now will be $2.80/kg, Start Capacitor / Electrolytic Capacitors (For Fridge / Freezer’s compressors etc.) will be $3.00/kg, Running Capacitor (Outer plastic casing, for Fan, Grinder, Washing Machine, Water Coolers etc.) will be $6.00/kg, Capacitor in outer metal casing (Tubular Capacitors, Power Factor High Voltage, Power Factor Low Voltage, AC Capacitors for Industrial use etc.) will be $6.50/kg,