KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation Abdul Rashid Sheikh has determined the values of Toilet Soap vide Valuation Ruling No. 737/2015.

Customs values of Toilet Soap were determined in 2014 contested by the Importers and local manufacturers. Different stakeholders including importers, local manufacturers of soap and representatives of trade bodies, chambers of commerce and Industry invited for their input in the valuation to determine values of Toilet Soap.

The Toilet Soap under PCT 3401 from different origins per kilogram would be assessed to duty and taxes at the following rates:

The customs values of Toilet Soap brands Clinique is $5.50, Stillman’s Cuticura at $3.00, Yardley, Caress Velvet Bliss, Yong Chin / YC, DOVE (Creamy Men’s Care) Mysore, Olay at $2.00, Pears, Dalan, Nivea, Enchanteur, Irish, Spring, Romano classic, Zest Scented, Lux, Camay, Lever 2000 Shea, Froton Fruity, Glysolid Glyserine at $1.50, Johnsons, Himalaya, Bee and Flower, Vaseline, Cleopatra, Brut, Classic White, Imperial Leather (Cussons) at $1.10, Pamela, Dove Toilet, Diana, Dura Lady, Lace Bath, Yong Chin /YC at $0.85, Lervia, Asepso, Harmony, Fa, JO Jolie, IRIS, Ava, May, Royal Leather, Royal Silk, Savannah, Miss Paris, Piva, Parisa, Deluxe Palm, Cinthol, Hotel, Fruit Scented at $0.70, Lark, Tutti-frutti, Anita, Avena, Giv, Eve, Flavia, Ozona, Blossom, Aven, Liesel, Olina, Orchid, Soft Pearl, Lotus, Admire, Every Day, Grace, Miss London, La Bella, Deep, Plush, Luv, Charm, Amorish, Vasolive, Morena, Bea, Crown Leather, Lily, Safah, Paradise, Anna, Doll, Diva, Frutis Fruity, Glo, Admire, Eva, Midas, Vea, Safex at $0.65. Other Brand Europe /USA / Canada at $1.75, Middle East / Saudi Arabia / Turkey at $0.90, other origins at $0.75, Facial liquid soaps (in Tube) shall be assessed at 20% higher than the values indicated above.