KARACHI: As the Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of Customs Preventive has taken strict measures against the menace of smuggling, the cartel involved in smuggling has reportedly found a new route to ensure transportation of the goods to their clients.

It may be mentioned here that a very organized ring is in practice and smuggled goods including Indian CNG Kits, cylinders, Indian cloth and garments, electronics, cosmetics, Indian gutka, and banned chemicals are delivered at the buyers’ designated locations or warehouses.

Goods mostly smuggled from Iran and Afghanistan were routed to Karachi through Chaman-Quetta-Mastung-Khuzdar, Lasbela-Hub route. Sources said that ASO and Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) had taken effective measures and a crackdown was initiate.

Moreover, it was found that the above mentioned route was under the influence of tribal leaders who allegedly were patronizing this illegal trade and were receiving ‘protection money’ from the smugglers. It was further known that these tribal leaders had increased the rate of ‘protection money’ and set ablaze a number of vehicles carrying smuggled goods for non-payment of their demand.

Sources said that tribal locals had setup their posts on the RCD highway and vehicles carrying smuggled goods were stopped and on payment of the protection money, these were let through.

Due to these reasons, the cartel has found a new route and now the smuggled goods are being routed to Karachi through Chaman-Quetta-Badar, Sibi-Jacobabad-Sukkur-Naushera Feroz-moro.

Sources said that there was major Custom checkpost at Jacobabad, which is the hub, and led both to Punjab and Sindh. Sources claimed that the Customs staff at Jacobabad checkpost had made some kind of deal with the smugglers and the goods were being cleared through the checkpost against bribes.

Sources said that the practice was on in a very organized manner and a tariff had been fixed for different goods.

Moreover, the smugglers of Irani diesel had also found an alternate route.