KARACHI: The MCC Appraisement East has proposed the procedure for the issuance of transshipment permits.

According to the 2nd draft of Import Manual prepared by MCC Appraisement East, Transshipment permit is the permission granted by the Customs for transportation of import container to the up-country dry port. Transshipment permit is issued on the request of licensed Bonded Carrier.

Transhipment permit is required for every consignment destined for upcountry dry ports.

According to the proposed procedure, the registered bonded carrier shall apply to the Assistant Collector, Import section for issuance of transshipment permit thereby declaring all the particulars of the goods duly supported by the commercial invoice and packing list.

If the particulars declared in the transshipment application and the particulars in the IGM are coincided, the system shall automatically generate a transshipment permit in quintuplicate.

In case the application is to be processed manually than the same principle of coincidence vis-a-vis declaration and IGM information be followed.

In case of discrepancy, the concerned bonded carrier shall make a request for amendment on the prescribed format to the import section. Such amendment shall be allowed after payment of prescribed fee.

Upon receipt of the application, it shall be ensured that the goods are not banned for the purpose of transshipment and the address of the notified party is of upcountry destination.

In case of request of transshipment permit for vehicles, it shall be ensured that vehicle has been examined by the shed staff and the examination report is endorsed on reverse of the application. It shall also be ensured that an application for transshipment permit covering more than one consignment destined for different customs ports or station shall not be entertained.

Upon arrival of the goods, the original copy shall be furnished to the AC/DC import section at the port of destination.

The authorized carrier after completion of the formalities relating to the port shall take the transshipment permit to the terminal operator for delivery of goods. The carrier shall ensure that no goods having marks and numbers or packages etc different form the one indicated in the permit and manifest are loaded for transshipment.

All goods wherein transshipment permits are issued should reach the port of destination within seven days of the issuance of permit.