KARACHI: Finally, MCC Appraisement West has been able to lodge FIR against M/s Right Way Trading Co under Section 32-A for fraudulently availing duty/tax exemptions.
The case had been pending criminal proceedings for want of Chief Collector’s approval, which has recently been made mandatory in cases under section 32-A.
MCC Appraisement West has been given the permission to lodge FIR against M/s Right Way Trading Company, which had imported 157 volts to 12 volts solar panels in two containers and claimed sales tax exemption on the basis of a certificate issued by Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB). However, upon verification from the AEDB, it was known that the certificate was fake and forged. M/s Right Way Trading Company inflicted a loss of millions of rupees to the national exchequer.
According to details of the case, M/s Right Way Trading Company imported consignment of solar panels and batteries and sought clearance through their agent M/s. Rempax Trading Company.
Had this evasion gone undetected, the exchequer would have been deprived of its legitimate revenue of Rs4.148 million.
The consignment has been seized and efforts are being made to arrest the accused Imran Haider, Proprietor of M/s. Right Way Trading Co. and Santosh Kumar proprietor of M/s. Rempex Trading Co.
An investigation will be conducted by Shair Khan, Examining Officer, MCC Appraisement West Karachi thereof.