KARACHI: The Establishment Division has notified the list of Grade-20 officers nominated for the forthcoming 102nd National Management course.

It is pertinent to mention here that according to revised promotion policy, if the officer is nominated for the mandatory training and he/she declines to proceed on training for two consecutive training courses, then he/she would forfeit the right to consideration for promotion. In case of any withdrawal of nomination either by the Department or by the officer himself/herself, the officer concerned will be responsible, if it adversely affects his/her promotion prospects.

The Establishment Division has recently issued directions/orders of the prime Minister that concerned Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Provincial Governments must ensure relieving the officers nominated for the different mandatory courses without fail in future. It has also been ordered that during the training the requisite arrangements be made as these officers are not required to attend their offices while undergoing these courses.

The officers nominated for the course include:


1 Mr. Ahmad Balal, OSD, Establishment Division, Islamabad

2 Mr. Zafar Hassan, at the disposal of Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad

3 Lt ® Ejaz Ahmad Khan, Secretary, Special Initiative, P&D Department, Sindh, Karachi

4 Qazi Shahid Pervaiz, Secretary, Works and Services Department, Karachi

5 Mr. Mohammad Fahim, Commissioner, Afghan Refugees, KPK, Peshwar

6 Mr. Saeed Ahmad Nawaz Capt (R), OSD, Establishment Division, Islamabad

7 Mr. Tahir Khurshid, OSD, S&GAD, Govt of Punjab, Lahore

8 Mr. Sikandar Qayyum, Secretary, Finance Department, Govt of KPK, Peshawar


1 Mr. Muhammad Asif Margoob Siddiqui, Director Internal & Investigation, Pakistan

Custom Collectorate, Karachi

2 Raja Tahir Majeed, Director Training Custom Collectorate, Lahore

3 Mr. Wasif Ali Memon, Collector MCC, Hyderabad


1 Mrs. Rukhsana Saeed, Commissioner RTO-III, Karachi

2 Mr. Zulqaran Trimizi, Commissioner Appeal-I, Lahore

3 Mr. Mehmood Aslam, Commissioner RTO, Lahore

4 Dr. Farrukh Ansari, Commissioner LTU, Karachi

5 Syed Maroof Gilani, Commissioner, RTO-II, Karachi

6 Mr. Muhammad Sharif Awan, Director, Internal Audit, Hyderabad

7 Ms. Mahbooba Razzaq, Chief, FBR, Islamabad

8 Mr. Ghulam Mujtaba Bhatti, Commissioner, RTO Sialkot

9 Mr. Muhammad Tariq Masood, Chief FBR, Islamabad


1 Mr. Waqar Ahmed Shah, Director General, Trade Dispute Resolution Organisation, Islamabad

2 Dr. M. Yousuf Khan, Director General, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Karachi