KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has initiated default proceedings against a large number of importers, who failed in meeting their payment obligations; as many as 161 post-dated cheques deposited by almost equal number of importers worth Rs 235 million have been dishonored by the banks.

According to details, Mohammad Saleem, Collector Appraisement West advised the Bank Guarantee Section to get the post-dated cheques, reaching maturity, cashed so that government revenue could be secured.

Deputy Collector Naveed Iqbal and Principal Appraiser Javed Ahsan scrutinized the list of instruments and those which had come to maturity were sorted.

Bank Guarantee Section presented 161 cheaques before the bank for encashment, but the same were dishonored as the relevant bank accounts did not have sufficient balance.

Additional Collector Azhar Merchant has referred all these importers to the Appraisement Intelligence Branch. Initially, all the imports of these importers would be blocked and in the second phase FIRs would be lodged against them.

The importers whose cheques have been dishonored include Tawwakal Enterprises Rs0.169 million, Mountain Printers & Publishers Rs5.991 million, Umair Printers Rs0.537 million, Tahir Masood Rs1.59 million, Kamalia Sugar Mills Ltd Rs6.68 million, Bismillah Industry Rs2.969 million, Bismillah Industry Rs0.535 million, Bismillah Industry Rs2.37 million, Royal Textile Mills Ltd Rs2.45 million, Karam Textile Satiana Road Faisalabad Rs0.39 million, Ma Gravure Printers Rs0.146 million, Abid Nisal International Rs0.289 million, Zaman Textile Mills Ltd Rs13.3 million, Food Consultant Rs33,969, M.N.B.T Printers Rs0.624 million, Afzal Spinning mills Rs0.684 million, Abid Nisar International Rs0.289 million, Ahsan Enterprises Rs0.135 million, Ahsan Enterprises Rs0.126 million and Suleman Textile Rs0.116 million.

Others include Adam sugar Mills Limited Rs2.99 million, Super International (Pvt) Ltd Rs0.186 million, AD-Innovation Rs0.153 million, Top Mountain Printers & Publishers Rs0.663 million, CH Brothers International Rs0.141 million, Kohinoor Mills Limited Rs0.937 million, CH. Brothers International Rs0.153 million, Super Foods (Pvt) Ltd Rs0.274 million, Noon Textile Mills Ltd Rs0.72 million, Rana Textile Mills Ltd Rs1.7 million, Abdullah Fibers (Pvt) Ltd Rs1.27 million, Friends Pharma (Pvt) Ltd Rs8,128, Friends Pharma (Pvt) Ltd Rs0.241 million, Roshaan Packaging Rs0.264 million, Muhammad Tariq Weaving Factory Rs0.292 million, Jublee Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd Rs1.298 million, Babri Cotton Mills Ltd Rs0.12 million, Muhammad Adnan Weaving Factory Rs1.85 million, Nescamp Services Co Rs0.152 million, Al-Qadir Textile Mills Ltd Rs2.143 million, Abid Nisar International Rs0.147 million, Mohammad Shafi Tanneries (Pvt) Ltd Rs0.64 million, M.S Packages Limited Rs0.747 million, M.H Plastic Industries Rs0.653 million, Syed Industries Rs0.636 million, Mubashir Fabrics Rs0.818 million, Fair Deal Weaving mills (Pvt) Ltd Rs0.507 million, Colony Mills Ltd Rs0.429 million, Colony Mills Ltd Rs1.246 million, Pakistan Tobacco Company Ltd Rs16.406 million, Sohni Weaving Factory Rs0.291 million, Sadiq Poultry Pvt Ltd Rs0.78 million, Mak & Sons Enterprises Rs0.638 million, ASCO International Pvt Ltd Rs0.867 million, Ehsn Younas & Brothers Spinning Mills Rs5.839 million, AR Fabrics Rs18,564, Kohinoor Textile Mills Rs0.443 million, Saleh Muhammad & Sohal Printers Rs0.407 million, Variety Dying (Pvt) Ltd Rs 0.187 million, Zahid Packages Pvt Ltd Rs1.07 million, Nawaz Enterprises Rs0.188 million, Ahsan Enterprises Rs0.125 million, Gulzar Towels Rs1.015 million, Shehryar Plastic Industries Rs0.559 million.

Moreover, Mezan Textile Rs0.451 million, Rotexmedica Pakistan Pvt Ltd Rs0.50 million, Sultani elasto Products Rs1.14 million, Sitara Textile Industries Limited Rs8.83 million, Abdullah fiber Pvt Ltd Rs1.371 million, M.F Farms Rs0.214 million, Globex Safety (Pvt) Ltd Rs0.199 million, Zahid Machinery Store Rs0.803 million, Ch. Brothers International Rs0.158 million, Mowahid & Maarij Brothers Rs0.391 million, Bilal Steel Mills Pvt Ltd Rs0.647 million, Fazal Weaving Mills Ltd Rs13.49 million, Colony Mills Ltd Rs0.33 million, Colony Mills Ltd Rs1.19 million, Multan Packages Rs0.296 million, Kawsar Engineering Pvt Ltd Rs0.509 million, National Spinning Mills Rs0.32 million and Rs3.224 million, Nigara Mills Pvt Ltd Rs0.409 million, Fair Deal Weaving Mills Pvt Ltd Rs1.51 million, Zaman Textile mills Ltd Rs4.85 million, Royal Packages Pvt Ltd Rs2.48 million, Khaadi Rs0.171 million, Valtex Pvt Ltd Rs0.769 million, M.A Hanapi Brothers Rs1.061 million, Rototec Pvt Ltd Rs70,000, Mak & Sons Enterprises Rs0.183 million, Jilani Flexible Packages Rs0.7 million, Siddiq Sons Limited Rs1.97 million, Master Poly Plastic Industries Ltd Rs6.6 million, City Pharmaceutical Laboratories Rs0.343 million, World Traders Rs0.345 and Rs0.344 million, Variety Dying Pvt Ltd Rs0.187 million, Evolution Textiles Rs0.187 million, Artistic Apparels Pvt Ltd Rs3.133 million, Suleman Tex Rs0.922 million, Star textile printing industry Rs0.182 million, Muhammad Tariq Weaving Factory Rs0.102 million, Shoukat Weaving Factory Rs0.66 million, Eastern Spinning Mills Ltd Rs0.244 million, Subhan Industries Rs0.469 million and rs0.475 million, Sunny Co Rs1.40 million and Rs1.141 million, Magna Processing Industries Rs6.48 million and Rs3.036 million, Forte Pakistan Engineering Co Rs0.298 million, Aftab Sons Writing Instruments Industries Rs1.11 million, Nawaz Enterprises Rs0.156 million, Rs0.146 million and Rs0.140 million, Ulbrichts Pakistan Pvt Ltd Rs2.40 million, Iber Maya Pharmaceuticals Rs0.107 million, Sadiq Feeds Rs0.419 million, Abid Nisar International Rs0.289 million, Khaadi Rs10.936 million, Firdous Cloth Mills Rs0.739 million, Star Textile Industries Rs0.22 million, Star Textile Printing Industry Rs2.137 million, Mezan Textile Rs0.73 million, Roomi foods Rs12.216 million, Roomi Fabrics Limited Rs0.10 million, H.S Packages Multan Rs0.913 million.

Others include Pakistan Thermosole Rs0.277 million, Rice Printers (Pvt) Ltd Rs0.962 million, Neotex Rs1.17 million, Punjab Beverages Co Pvt Ltd Rs0.930 million, Multinational Export Bureau Rs0.283 million, Al-Badar Engineering Company Rs0.281 million, Tufail Chemicals Industries Rs1.739 million and Rs4.05 million, Paramount Trading Rs8,493, Valtex Pvt Ltd Rs0.195 million, Safe Textile Mills Rs3.59 million, Dewan Textile mills Rs3.32 million and Rs3.32 million, Jilani Industrial corporation Rs1.004 million, Sitara Textile Industries Rs0.969 million, Anwar & Sons Rs55,778 and Rs56,265, Indus Layalpur Ltd Rs4.405 million, Dream Printo Style Rs0.214 million, Ehsan Younas & Brothers spinning mills Rs0.669 million, Bin Rasheed colors & Chemicals manufacturing company Rs0.672 million, AHN Synthetic Pvt Ltd Rs0.312 million, Imran Industries Rs0.345 million, Sadiq Poultry Pvt Ltd Rs4.42 million, Hajratex International Rs0.362 million, Fazal Younus Industries Rs0.194 million, Bilal Engineering Rs3.32 million, Marala Packages & Allied Industries Rs0.537 million, Hasnel Pharmaceutical Rs0.283 million, Ch Brothers International Rs0.163 million and Rs0.203 million.