KARACHI: Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (Customs) has announced auction of confiscated vehicles/goods scheduled for November 28, 2014 at CPF Bonded Warehouse Rasheedabad, Karachi.
The following vehicles and goods to be presented for auction:
Lot No. DIT-83/12, Toyota Corona Car, Registration No. V-7486, Model 1991
Lot No. DIT-22/13, Toyota Crown Car, Registration No. PJ-926, Model 1997
Lot No. DIT-02/14, Mercedes Benz, Registration No. A-0333, Model 1994
Lot No. DIT-13/14, Toyota Vitz, Registration No. AAH-551, Model 1999
Lot No. DIT-37/12, Art Silk Cloth (Foreign Origin), 175 kgs approx
Lot No. DIT-44/12, i. Old and used Audition CD/Cassettes players F/O, 45 sets; ii. Ladies Art Silk Clot 38 Bundles, F/O, 3,490 kgs approx; iii. Generators Spare parts (Foreign Origin), six cartons.
Lot No. DIT-48/12, i. Electronic Goods (foreign origin), as per inventory; ii. Tyres new (foreign origin), 30 Nos; Tyres Old and Used F/O, 150 Nos.
Lot No. DIT-50/12, Mobile Chargers, Accessories and Miscellaneous goods (foreign origin) as per list, as per inventory.
Lot No. DIT-70/12, Old and used tyres assorted brand F/O, 49 Nos.
Lot No. DIT-29/13, i. I.Phone V (slightly used) China, 71 pcs; ii. I.Phone IV (slightly used) China, 13 pcs; iii. I.Phone S-III (slightly used) China, 15 pcs; iv. Samsung Glaxy S-III (slightly used) China, 03 pcs; v. HTC (slightly used) china, 02 pcs.
Lot No. DIT-03/14, Black Tea Foreign origin, 516 bags, 37,924 kgs.
Lot No. DIT-04/14, Black Tea Foreign Origin, 696 bags, 49,439 kgs.
Lot No. DIT-05/14, Black Tea Foreign Origin, 39 bags, 2,418 kgs.
Lot No. DIT-08/14, Black Tea Iran Origin (Tea Dust), 409 bags, 27,403 kgs.
Lot No. DIT-09/14, Plastic Coated Aluminum Foil foreign origin, 97 Rolls, 2,745 kgs.
Lot No. DIT-10/14, Woolen Carpets Made in India, 215 Pcs
Lot No. DIT-11/14, Samsung LED, 69 pcs
Lot No. DIT-12/14, Black Tea Foreign Origin, 15 bags.