KARACHI: The R&D of MCC Appraisement West has called an explanation from several officers regarding clearance of raw material, which is prohibited to be imported in Pakistan.

The officers who are being called to explain import/clearance of prohibited material include principal appraiser Muzaffar Rizvi and appraisers Ali Akbar, Khan Mohammad Keerio, Khalid pervez, Asfar Noor, Jam Akram, Amir Shuja, and two chemical examiners namely Faheem Khan and Shams Zaman.

As many as seven consignments of SDO-222 were cleared. DG I&I had imposed a block on these consignments, but surprisingly the embargo was lifted after eight days and consignments were cleared.

However, R&D West was also monitoring the case and has now called the explanation.

According to details, Appraisement West had detected import and clearance of certain items from India, which are not importable as per the provisions of Import Policy Order 2013.

A consignment of M/s Cemi zone was imported from India. The consignment was shipped by M/s Covalent Laboratories (Pvt) Limited declared to contain large quantity of SDO-222.

The laboratory reported that the goods consist of mixture of aromatic organic ester, amino compound modified with carboxyl function compound in the form of white powder.

The samples were also sent to HEJ Laboratory, University of Karachi for analytical test, which reported that the consignment actually consist of cefixime antibiotic.

Customs Appraisement West also issued an “Assessment Alert’ to check mis-declaration of classification on the import of chemicals SDO-222, SDO-111, SDO-333, SDO-555 and SDO-999.

All concerned assessment groups have been advised to exercise due care in assessing the GDs pertaining to aforesaid goods.