KARACHI: The MCC Appraisement West has amended the standard operating procedure (SOP) for clearance of vehicles in WeBOC system to curtail the examination time for the vehicles.

Sources said that according to the amendment that would be issued shortly, where Valuation Ruling is available, the Examining official will report make, model, year of manufacture, chassis code number and type, engine capacity and picture of chassis.

The other particulars of the vehicle would be verified by the Assessment Group through specialized software available. In case of vans, seating capacity will be reported and jump seat will be reported as one seat.

It may be mentioned here that Directorate of Reforms and Automation (R&A) developed and launched a new module for processing and clearance of vehicles under Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) with effect from September 01, 2014.

In order-to ensure correct implementation of the Trade Policy provisions and to facilitate the importers, a dedicated Documents Endorsement and Scanning Cell (DEC) had also been established.

To recall, examination reports of the vehicles other than falling under fixed duty/tax regime shall be marked by the EO to PA (Shed)/ Assistant Collector or Deputy Collector (Shed). AC/DC shall ensure that complete and correct information has been reported in the examination report.

All vehicles which fall outside fixed duty/tax regime shall be examined jointly by the EO/PA and AC/DC to ensure that there are no repeated examinations and wastage of time on this count.

Any GD appearing in the inbox of EO {shed} by 1600 hours on any working day shall be examined on the same day and the concerned officials will not leave their offices unless proper examination report is prepared and uploaded in the system. Any exception may be allowed by the ADC (Examination) depending upon exigencies on ground.

AC/DC (shed) will ensure that there is no delay at that end and complete facilitation is provided without compromise on quality of examination reports or compromising any prescribed rules, regulation or procedure.

AC/DC shed will be personally responsible to ensure that examinations are done in fool- proof manner. Correct and complete examination reports are prepared and uploaded in the system. If there are accessories/additionalities in the vehicle then those will be reported in the “examination report. In case there is any misdeclaration then that is reported accordingly and highlighted in the system.