KARACHI: Auction of confiscated vehicles and goods at State Warehouse Rawalpindi of the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR on November 7, 2014.
The following auction-able vehicles are included:
Mercedes Benz (Bullet Proof) model 1994;
Toyota Lexus Car-3968CC model 1991;
Toyota Hilux Surf model 1991;
Honda Civic Car model 2004;
Toyota Hiace Van model 1988;
Toyota Vitz Car model 2002
The following auction-able goods are included:
A/o A/s cloth, F/o Sofa Cloth;
F/o old and used miscellaneous auto parts;
F/o Motor oil, petrol engine;
F/o Iranian carpets;
F/o mobile;
Old and used Solna offset machine;
F/o welding electrodes;
F/o cigarettes paper;
Selena super carpet,
Sony Bravia Smart TV;
F/o ladies cloth; gents suiting cloth, ladies cotton cloth, parda cloth, Panasonic automatic iron, old and used Gadri for LTV;
F/o old and used rear tube for LTV, old and used Honda shock with spindale for LTV, old and used LTV Chimta with shock;
F/o old and used chimta without shock for LTV, old and used foundation with TA for LTV, old and used fri-wheel automatic for LTV;
Old and used power pump for LTV, old and used Goda for LTV, old and used Plug-wire for LTV;
Old and used water body for LTV;
F/o Jercy cloth (China made), curtain/sofa cloth