KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has expressed annoyance over the non-compliance of quasi-judicial authorities on administration of justice despite order of higher court.
The Islamabad High Court in its judgment on September 25, 2014 has taken a very serious view of the matter that inspite of the circulated guidelines, the arbitrariness on the part of quasi judicial authorities still continues.
The FBR in a letter informed the field offices of Inland Revenue and Pakistan Customs that it had been notified that failure to follow the instructions would be seriously viewed by the Headquarters and would attract disciplinary proceedings under the Efficiency and Discipline Rule, 1973.
The heads of departments in Inland Revenue and Pakistan Customs have been directed to circulate the judgment of the court for strict compliance and with the further directions that non compliance of the guidelines on administration of justice by quasi judicial authorities would warrant in initiation of disciplinary proceedings.
In the case of Telenor Pakistan Pvt Limited, FBR representatives submitted before the Islamabad High Court that guidelines had been issued to concerned quasi judicial authorities. “It appears from the guidelines that all stay applications shall be decided by the appellate authorities within four days of filing such applications,” the court observed.
The grievance of the petitioner in the case was related to the delay in deciding the stay applications.
It is noted with concern that the FBR has not taken this matter seriously and arbitrariness on the part of the quasi judicial continues, even after the issuance of the guidelines.
The court granted the relief to the petitioner and fixed the date of hearing in the last week of October, 2014.