KARACHI: The Customs authorities have notified that all FCL cargo including consignments of scrap, being shifted to KPT area and off dock terminals, shall be manifested as CY/FCL in view of WeBOC roll-out at Karachi Port Trust (KPT) area and off dock terminals.

Officials said that this development would break the monopoly of Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) and Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) as WeBOC was fully operational at PICT, KICT and QICT and it has quite recently been introduced at KPT.

The instances had come to the notice of authorities that shipping agents are manifesting FCL cargo being shifted to KPT areas and off dock terminals as CFS/LCL; this procedures needs to be modified for proper accountal of all FCL consignments shifted to KPT area and off dock terminals from containerized terminals, says a public notice.

FCL cargo was earlier cleared at PICT and KICT while LCL and scrap was cleared at KPT. KICT and PICT had established their monopoly over FCL and their rates had gone up while scanner charges were imposed on every container whether scanned or not.

Sources said that these terminals had artificially increased their revenue using delaying tactics in grounding of the containers to earn more demurrage; now KPT will be earning more revenues as importers and clearing agents would get their consignments shifted to KPT because of their rates which are 50% less than KICT and PICT, hence the business cost of importers would be reduced.