KARACHI: The MCC Appraisement-East has laid down the procedure for allowing permission for examination of imported goods by the importer/clearing agent prior to filing of Goods Declaration (GD).

The procedure came in order to facilitate the trade and to streamline the procedure with regard to permission to the owner for prior examination of the imported goods.

According to the procedure, the owner / authorized clearing agent shall file a written request in the WeBOC, system to the Additional Collector of the relevant Wharf / Terminal Operator under for examination of imported goods by himself prior to filing of Goods Declaration (GD). He will mention, in detail, the reasons for making such request as well as the name / CNIC No. of person nominated for making such examination.

The competent officer will satisfy himself vis-a-visa propriety of the request by examining the relevant documents as available in the system i.e. bill of lading, IGM particulars before approving / rejecting such request.

Upon receipt of an EDI message approving such request, the Wharf Terminal Operator shall immediately ground the container(s) and request the DC/AC for deputing appropriate Customs Staff for de-sealing the same and retrieval of the Invoice (if any). The owner / authorized Clearing Agent shall examine the goods himself in the presence of the officer, supervising the de-sealing. The deputed officer of customs shall not verify the list of goods produced by the importer / authorized clearing agent.

After completion of the examination, the owner / authorized clearing agent shall, within 48 hours, file the GD accordingly.