KARACHI: Establishment Division has issued a list of nominated officers of Inland Revenue Service (IRS) BS-18 for 18th Mid Career Management Course (MCMC) at National Institute of Management (NIM), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued a notification on Wednesday.
The following officers are included:
NIM, Karachi:
Muhammad Akbar Mahar, Additional Commissioner (OPS), RTO, Sukkur
Naveed Dost Chandio, Deputy Director, Directorate General of Training and Research (customs), Karachi
Nadeem Ahmed Tahir, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Karachi
Rizwan Memon, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Hyderabad
Farzana Altaf, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Karachi
Ashfaque Ahmed Awan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Karachi
Muhammad Ameen Qureshi, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Karachi
Mushtaq Ali Wagan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Karachi
Malik Waqas Nawaz, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Karachi
Ejaz Ahmed, Section Officer, Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry, Islamabad
NIM, Lahore:
Shabana Mumtaz, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
Behzad Anwar, Deputy Director, Directorate of Internal Audit (IR), Lahore
Sajjad Azhar, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Sargodha
Muhammad Asad Tahir, Second Secretary FBR (Hq0, Islamabad)
Babar Nawaz Khan, Deputy Director, Punjab Revenue Authority, Lahore
Zahid Mehmood, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Amna Naeem, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Asma Hoori, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Multan
Bushra Jaffar, Director, TEVTA, Lahore
Muhammad Muti-ur-Rehman Mumtaz, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Naveed Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
Farooq Azmat Chattha, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore
Ali Adnan Zaidi, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Lahore
Muhammad Irfan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Lahore
Naeem Hassan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
Muhammad Ali, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
Talat Mehmood, Deputy Commissioner, RTO-II, Lahore
NIM, Peshawar:
Naeem Hassan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad
Said Iqbal, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Fakhryia Anjum, Deputy Director, Addl. Director of I & A (IR), Peshawar
Hameed-ur-Rehman, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Walayat Khan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Muhammad Waqas Hanif, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
Muhammad Jawwad, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Rawalpindi
Ajmal Khan, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
Saleem-ur-Rehman, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Peshawar
NIM, Quetta
Asad Khan Luni, Deputy Commissioner, RTO, Quetta
Amir Rashid, Deputy Director, DOT (IR), Karachi
NIM, Islamabad:
Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Deputy Commissioner, LTU, Islamabad
Ali Muhammad, Second Secretary, FBR (Hq), Islamabad
All nominated officers are required to report to respective NIMs at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta on August 16, 2014.
A notification said that it is pertinent to mention here that according to revised promotion policy “If the officer is nominated for the mandatory training and he declines to proceed on training for two consecutive training courses, then he/she would forfeit the right to consideration for promotion.”
FBR said that in case of any withdrawal of nomination either by the department or by the officer, the officers concerned will be responsible, if it adversely effects his/her promotion prospects.