KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) of Port Qasim has found fraudulent activities in the transshipment port (TP) consignments resulting in losses to the national exchequer.
In this instant case, a clearing agent and bonded carrier M/s Jalad Khan Company Pvt Ltd filed a GD declaring toiletries etc. However, the Collector Port Qasim opted for the physical examination of the consignment.
Upon physical examination the consignment was found to contain perfumes and deodorants of various brands and origins in a number of packaging and sizes. Accordingly, the short payment of duty/taxes was calculated at Rs 5.16 million.
As the consignment was destined to dry port Lahore, the MCC Port Qasim did not establish the case and all the details were forwarded to MCC Lahore for further proceedings.
The consignment is still at QICT as no one appeared to complete the GD. It has been learnt that such a practice is going on where importers in connivance with the clearing agent/bonded carrier mis-declare the goods in consignment destined to dry-ports and the goods are pilfered en-route while the bonded carrier matches the weight code.
Investigations have hinted that such elements use techniques so that the seal of the container remains intact.
Sources said that such elements never come forward and have their employees or front men registered for the registration of their companies to avoid any consequences.