Auction for vehicles/motorcycles, misc goods to be held on April 14 at Gaddani

KARACHI: Pakistan Customs to conduct an auction of vehicles/motorcycles and miscellaneous goods on April 14, 2014 at Customs House, Gaddani, a notification said on Thursday.
The auction-able vehicles are included:
1. BMW car, model 2000
2. Mitsubishi Pajero (engine capacity 2800CC)
3. Mitsubishi Pajero model 1990 (engine capacity 2476CC)
4. Mitsubishi Pajero (old and used damaged condition without A/c) model 1988, (engine capacity 2400)
5. Mitsubishi Pajero, 5 door model 1986 (engine capacity 2800CC)
6. Toyota Pickup D/C white color model 1998 (engine capacity 2700CC)
7. Mazda Mini Truck (Titan 6 wheeler) model 2005
8. Toyota Fork lifter No. 2FG 201204 (2000KG) old and used
The auction-able confiscated goods are included:
1. Motorcycle frame/rods (1000 Pcs and 138Pcs)
2. Generator, different brand make and model (5)
3. Generator diesel 250KV (1)
4. Iron girder (old and used) (65M/tons)
5. Klim flooring (darri) (100)
6. Speed boat damage W/engine fiber glass (1)
7. Speed boat damage W/engine fiber glass (1)
8. Speed boat damage W/engine fiber glass (1)
9. Launch without engine damage (1)]
10. Plastic moulding compound (PMC) (400 bags, each 25 kg)
11. Generator 1000KVA (old and used) (1)
12. Generator 6-10KVA (old and used) (1)
13. Plastic drums (old and used) 200 liters CAP and plastic CANS (old and used) 30 liters CAP (160 drums, 29 CANS)
14. Generator (old and used) 100 KVA (1)
The auction-able confiscated motorcycles (old and used) are included: Yamaha-125; Racer-125; Racer-125; Behphar-125; Racer-125; Racer-125; Kinlon-125; Elegance-125; Elegance-125; Tarana-125; Kinlon-125; Shark-125; Behphar-125; Behphar-125; Behphar-125; Arslan super-125; 125; Tiwa-125; Mac-125; Tiwa-125; Behphar-125; Tiwa-125 and Behphar-125.

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