KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate of Exports has lodged two separate FIRs against two separate companies for committing mis-declaration through submission of fake Form-E fraudulently to avoid realization of foreign remittances worth $22,27 in Pakistan.
The FIR No.S1/MISC/118/2014 has been lodged against Rahim Bux of M/s Evin Industries and Ahsan Raza of M/s Cargo Aviation Systems while FIR No. S1/MISC/118/2014 has been lodged against Usman Ghani of M/s M.U Traders and their clearing agent Raja M. Zafar Khan of M/s Nisar Ahmed & Co.
Brief facts of the case are that information was received in MCC Exports that some unscrupulous exporters with the connivance of their clearing agents were exporting goods against fake and forged Forms-E. In this connection two consignments for the export of Textile goods and second hand clothing were selected for scrutiny, which had sought clearance through Customs computerized self assessment system of WeBOC.
This Collectorate contacted the concerned banks for the verification/authenticity/genuineness of Form-E. The banks replied that, signature on E-Form along with stamp was also fake and recommended to abjure the E-Form.
It may be mentioned here that MCC Exports has initiated a campaign against mis-declaration through forged Form-E and two FIRs had already been lodged against elements resorting to this fraud.
Collector Exports Wasif Memon has appreciated Exports Investigation Branch (EIB) members including Assistant Collector EIB Ali Waheed, Principal Appraiser Shahid Rizvi, Javed Khalid and Anwar Zeb for their efforts in this regard.