Auction for vehicles, goods to be held on April 7 at MCC, Sambrial Sialkot

KARACHI: Auction for vehicles and miscellaneous goods will be held on April 7, 2014 at MCC, Sambrial Sialkot, a notification said on Wednesday.
The auction-able vehicles are included:
1. Used Toyota Corolla Car (Model 1994) chassis No. AE 101-3010532; capacity 1839 CC (Qty 1Pc)
2. Used Toyota Corolla Car (Model 1994) chassis No. CE100-3001329; capacity 1974 CC (Qty 1Pc)
3. Used Toyota Hilux Surf (Model 1994) Diesel; chassis No. LN130-0095724; capacity 2446 CC (Qty 1Pc)
4. Used Toyota Hilux Surf (Model 1994) Diesel; chassis No. KZN130-9051823; capacity 3917 CC (Qty 1Pc)
5. Used Mitsubishi Pajero (Model 2011); chassis No. JMYLYV98WBJ707410; left hand capacity 3917 CC (Qty 1Pc)
6. Used Toyota Hilux Surf (Model 1992); chassis No. LN130-7001098; capacity 2446 CC
The auction-able miscellaneous goods are included:
1. Foot balls (Qty 1181Pcs); rugby balls (Qty 116 Pcs); shin pads (Qty 610Pcs); and basket balls (Qty 25Pcs);
2. Magnesium sulphate (Qty 1X20 container 640 bags 17680kgs);
3. Fabrics (65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton dyed and printed) (Qty 1×40 container 153 roll 22280 kgs);
4. Nylon zippers (Qty 1 carton 76Pcs);
5. PU leather (100 roll 2850kgs);
6. Plastic photocopier scrap (Qty 1×40 CONT 14400kgs);
7. Medical equipments (Qty 2 pallets); nail nippers (Qty 24 cartons); tools (Qty 2 packages); Scissors (Qty 2 cartons); stainless steel (Qty 2packages);
8. Foreign Origin Cosmetics (Qty 798kgs);
9. Black tea (Qty 3 bags 195kgs)

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