KARACHI: The mystery of the missing mobile phones from the custody of Air Freight Unit (AFU) has been solved as 135 of the 189 missing mobile phones have already been handed over to the importer.
According to the details, AFU Karachi had confiscated a total of 189 mobiles amounting $9,000 from ‘khaipyays’. But, the importer approached Collector Appeals who ordered that the goods could be handed over to the importer after payment of duty and taxes.
Subsequently, the importer paid the duty and taxes and at the time of delivery of the goods, the subject goods were found missing and some considered them to be stolen.
Officials said that the mobile phones had not been stolen, in fact these were misplaced because of the activity pertaining to World Customs Day.
Official said that a large quantity of seized contrabands had to be destroyed on World Customs Day, so that such confiscated were taken out from grill houses and locker rooms, and in this exercise the subject mobile phones were misplaced.
However, 135 sets were found and handed over to the importer while the remaining 63 sets worth $3200 would soon be handed over to the importer.