KARACHI: Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation of Federal Board of Revenue (I&I FBR) has issued intelligence alerts for tackling tax/duty evasions, misusing of exemptions and safeguarding the government revenue, a notification said.
As per details, the purpose of Intelligence alerts is to avoid mis-declaration, under invoicing, under valuation, under assessment, misusing of any facility/exemptions, green channels at the airport and non imposition of anti-dumping duties in the field of formation.
It is notified that this important function was remained dormant and dysfunctional. “The function now activated again and enhanced its use for sensitizing various collectorates across the country through issuance of commodity specific, collectorate specific and issue specific alert.”
The following intelligence alerts on specific commodities/items are included:
1. Girls shoes: importers and clearing agents are mis-declaring the size of shoes as girl shoes to avoid the higher valuation applicable vide ruling No. 412 dated January 30, 2012 on ladies shoes.
2. Juicer blender: importers and clearing agents are importing parts of juicer blenders separately in containers to avoid the application ruling No. 384 dated October 8, 2011.
3. Pentene Shampoo: foreign origin Pentene shampoo was assessed according to valuation ruling No. 512 dated December 12, 2012 while Pentene shampoo has already been excluded from the above said ruling.
4. Aerated Waters: Mis use of SRO 649(I)/2013 dated August 20, 2013 with the intention to claim duty drawback, refund or rebate. According to production capacity duty drawback cannot be claimed on exported aerated water in ml.
5. Misuse of DTRE: Users of DTRE, besides availing the facility of exemption on imported/locally manufactured input goods under DTRE rules notified vide SRO 450(I)/2001 dated July 18, 2011 have claimed rebates in terms of SRO 209(I)/2009 and SRO 212(I)/2009.
6. Misuse of International mailing facility: Smuggling of contraband items through international mail offices through mis-declaration of description.
7. Misuse of valuation at green channel at international airport, Karachi: Misuse of valuation of Kraft Liner Board in import consignment cleared through green channel, international airport, Karachi.
8. Bogus export of cement, milk products etc: The bogus export of cement, milk products, electronics, tea etc. seizure of cement cleared from the premises of M/s Maple Leaf Cement and M/s DG Khan Cement.
9. Illegal import: Illegal import of used oil by mis-declaring as residue of fatty substances of acid oil.
10. Under assessment: Under assessment of alkalized powder, cleared through green channel of WeBOC.
11. Anti dumping duty: Clearance of Phthalic Anhydride of Thailand origin without levy and payment of anti-dumping duty.
12. Under assessment: Clearance of law ash met coke of coal of Indian origin on lower value than applicable assessable value.
13. Under assessment: Clearance of shampoos and conditioners of “finesse” and “Savue” brands of USA origin on lower value than applicable assessable value.
14. Under assessment: Clearance of miscellaneous items like baby/ladies purse, artificial leather, lock fittings, plastic flowers, meng joggers on lower value than applicable assessable value.
The board may like to instruct all the operational units of customs collectorates to make appropriate remedial measures for plugging loopholes in their respective jurisdiction to enhance revenue collection, a circular said.