Confiscated diesel/petrol auction on December 19 |

Confiscated diesel/petrol auction on December 19

KARACHI: The auction of confiscated diesel/petrol will be held on December 19, 2013 at Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive, Custom House, Karachi. According to notification, around 217492 liters seized diesel/petrol with having different lot No. is available at MCC Preventive, Karachi for disposal. There are certain conditions over dispose of diesel oil including exclusive withholding tax of 5 percent will be charged on the value of the oil with all of other taxes and mode of payment will be in form of banking instrument preferably a pay order drawn in favor of collectorate of MCC Preventive, Karachi. It is notified that the delivery of diesel/petrol shall be taken at CPF Bond/NMB Wharf as the case may be.
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