KARACHI: The project director of Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) has directed preventive staff to avoid the practices of demanding hard copies for gate out activities as it leads to fraud and illegal removal of consignments on fake documents.
In a letter sent to higher authorities, Syed Tanvie Ahmad, Director WeBOC/One Custom said that it had been brought under the notice of WeBOC office that preventive staff posted at gates of off-dock terminals and air freight unit was demanding hard copies of goods declaration from importers / clearing agents for gate out activity.
It is further observed that staff of off-dock terminals has made production of hard copies of GD, a necessary condition some for payment of their charges and release of consignments from off-dock terminals.
The project director said that clearance of hard copies may lead to fraud and illegal removal of consignments on fake documents as has been observed in the past. “To forestall such possibility this practice may be stopped forthwith,” Syed Tanvir said and said that WeBOC works in paperless environment.
However the WeBOC is being turned into One Customs by adopting wrong practices. He further said that demanding such documents is against the spirit of automation and fraught with risk of illegal removal.
The WeBOC office had conducted extensive sessions of training of Preventive Staff and have time and again informed that all the relevant information required for gate staff / terminal operators is available on their screen and hence there is no need to demand any customs documents from traders / clearing agent either by customs staff or terminal operator at gates.
He said that KPT had introduced gate passes in two colour; one for One Customs and other for WeBOC stream. The same should be introduced at off-dock terminals and Port Qasim that would reduce chances of illegal removal from the ports.