Karachi: The Anti-Smuggling Organization of Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive has seized the smuggled and non duty paid merchandise goods and Iranian oil of worth Rs8.5 million by the assistance of Pakistan Rangers on 1/11/2013.
The model Customs Collectorate of Preventive has launched a drive to curb the menace of Smuggling of Foreign origin merchandise goods and Iranian POL products which are arriving from Balochistan through buses from RCD Highway.
MR. S.M. Tariq Huda, the collector of Customs Preventive had directed the anti-smuggling organization for the operation of seizing smuggled and non duty paid goods include: 89 sets of LED TVs worth Rs41,52,407/-, 41 new tyres worth Rs6,14,474/-, 70 CNG cylinders worth Rs6,74,160/-, 450 old and new tyres worth Rs7,89,912/-, 40 rolls sofa cloth worth Rs6,52,960/-, 2 Hino Cabin worth Rs2, 20,000/-, 2 Hinux Cabin worth Rs1,20,000/-, 30 used and old engines worth Rs3,77,400/-, 145 shocks worth Rs1, 35,256/-, 8 bags auto parts worth Rs1,49,248/-, assorted parts worth Rs1,35,256/-, 5 seats worth Rs25, 00/-, 9 bags plastic scrap worth Rs7,000/-, old and used 20 lights pieces worth Rs2,000/-, and Iranian diesel oil worth Rs6,27,000/-.
The officials of Pakistan Rangers very bravely and skillfully managed the agitation from thousands of such miscreants who were gathered in the shape of mob and try to take away the impounded smuggled goods but they succeeded in their operation.
The collectorate has initiated proceedings under the provision of Customs Law, accordingly.