KARACHI: The customs authorities on Friday are presenting data of imported weapons of past three years before the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the ongoing proceeding of Karachi Law and Order case.
At Pakistan Customs an emergency like situation observed as authorities worked around the cloak during past two days to compile the data for submitting to the apex court.
Yesterday the customs officials submitted the report of imported weapons that were pending for years and no one came for the clearance.
The supreme court was informed that there were 107 consignments of weapons that were not cleared or no GD filed to claim the goods. The customs officials said that five consignments were imported during 1992-1994 and 102 consignments were belonging to 2010 to 2013.
Sources said that during past two days the customs officials were engaged in examination of those weapons that were at the port for years and contacting the importers as per Import General Manifest.
It is learnt that the Pakistan Customs decided to auction the lot. The auction of such consignment is restricted to those persons who are authorized by the government and obtain special certificates.
Sources said the arms in the pending consignments were all those that are allowed under import policy order. The arms were kept at KPT Strong Room.
In the proceedings yesterday, the Chief Justice of Pakistan again asked why the US officials were presenting their clarification in transit trade. The chief justice rejected the report presented by attorney general about the arms and ammunition.
Customs officials said that it appeared that the Afghan trade scam is part of international conspiracy against Pakistan. The customs officials were also discussing the role of Directorate of Intelligence during 2004 – 2008, which should be asked why not a single case was prepared against Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) PaCCS because all the consignments cleared during that period were controlled.
It was discussed that no examination or checking were conducted for the goods imported for transit trade and allowed clearance as per scanning report. The director intelligence was restricted not to ask about the details of consignments.
The customs officials were discussing that the then director general should be asked that why containers were allowed go ahead without checking/examination. It is learnt that the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and the then FBR chairman Abdullah Yousuf were directly issuing the orders in this connection.
Interestingly at that time those officials were posted at the operational side of MCC PaCCS who were in the project of automation of Customs clearance, owned by Agility the Kuwait Based company, which listed at US stock exchanges.