KARACHI: Pakistan Custom has detected huge revenue losses incurred by its assessing officers posted in assessment hall by not applying notified valuation rulings. At least two out of 15 officers have been put to off duty with immediate effect and remaining have been issued warning.
According to office order issued Thursday, Model Collectorate of Customs (MCC) Appraisement West stated that after post clearance verification (PRV) exercise it had been found that notified VRs were not applied in numerous cases by many assessing officers posted in assessment hall.
“This was just a sample audit for the period July-September 2013 and not complete post check of every GD,” the collectorate said and further added that PRV exercise is an ongoing process and further results are coming up at faster speed.
Negligence/inefficiency and non performance of the following officials (in revenue wise descending order) have cause loss of government revenue to the extent as shown against each:

Sanaullah Abbasi Rs3,348,561 in 15 VRs
Mir Alam Rs1,888,050 in four VRs
Tasleem Khan Rs1,774,770 in on VR
Javed Ahsan (Principal Appraiser) Rs1,329,084 in one VR
Azhar Shafi Rs1,316,277 in five VRs
Zulfiqar Shaikh Rs1,237,423 in three VRs
Khalid Pervaiz Rs1,082,324 in 13 VRs
Babar Gulzar Rs952,499 in five VRs
Shair Khan Rs460,977 in two VRs
Abdul Aziz Rs424,730 in three VRs
Nawab Tauqeer Rs399,857 in 8 VRs
Javed Iqbal Ts366,073 in two VRs
Muzzafar Abbasi Rs214,183 in six VRs
S. M. Sohail Rs159,983 in two cases
Rana Naseer Rs45,621 in three VRs

The collectorate said that the defaulting officials were asked to explain their positions but none of them had furnished any plausible justification and mostly stated rush of work. “This is not acceptable and cannot be allowed to continue,” the collectorate further stated and ordered: “Sanaullah Abbasi, who did not apply 15VRs and Khalid Pervez, who did not apply 13 VRs are put to off duty with immediate effect being not fit to be posted in assessment hall. Further action is to be follow.”
The officer order further stated that to provide an opportunity to others for improving efficiency performance following is ordered:
Warning memos are to be issued to the AOs.
Recoveries involved in those VRs which have not been applied will be got recovered by the concerned defaulting officials by October 30, 2013. Failure on this account will attract disciplinary action.
Officials issued warning will report daily for orientation at Assessment Hall.
All other officials posted at assessment hall but not in the list will also attend the training.
After thirty days an assessment will be conducted to see the improvement in their efficiency / performance level. Only those AOs will be retained in Assessment Hall whose efficiency / performance will be found satisfactory.