KARACHI: Collector Port Mohammad Bin Qasim, Dr. Agha Jawwad has proposed linking all the relevant stakeholder departments with the WeBOC system for improving dwell time while clearing pendency.
In a letter to the Project Director WeBOC/One Customs, Dr. Jawwad proposed that all the relevant stakeholder departments including PSQCA, EDB, Plant Protection & Quantities Department, ministry of Narcotics Control, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Climate Change, Ministry/Departments of Environment, Ministry of Textile etc may be linked with the weBOC system and IDs may be issued to the focal persons of these departments.
Dr. Jawwad noted that MCC Port Mohammad Bin Qasim is of the view that as this feature exists in the WeBOC system and the process may be designed that whenever a Goods Declaration is filed, information to this effect be immediately communicated to the respective department on-line.
The respective department may take further necessary action as it may deem appropriate and upload the requisite certificate online confirming the certification number and date as well as ticking a check box in the system.
“This procedure is likely to result in speedy certification and instant Post Release Verification (PRV) thus improving dwell time while clearing pendency.”