KARACHI: The Pakistan Customs has prepared a list of importable items prone to under-invoicing to be kept under vigil so that revenue loss to the exchequer could be avoided.
The list appeared following directives of the Federal board of Revenue (FBR) to check under-invoicing and under-valuation of importable goods.
The Chairman FBR had been given a presentation on the overview of performance, challenges and strategy for the future with prime focus on the determination of customs values of goods prone to under invoicing (valuation rulings).
The presentation noted that industrial imports and commercial imports are prone to under invoicing.
The FBR directed identification of areas of under invoicing; determination of customs values of goods prone to under invoicing; case to case basis valuation assessment to field formations (valuation advices); dissemination of international price trends of various commodities and improvement and development of system bases valuation applications.
A significant ammount of valuation guidelines have already been issued in this regard.
The list prepared by the department includes almond in shell, shelled almond, Vietnam black/green tea, small cardamom, ginger neither crushed nor ground, RBD palm oil, palm olien, toffee/candy/sugar confectionary, coffee in retail packing, soft drink/energy drink, oxalic acid, toluene di-isocynate, melamine, acasia catechu, glass frit, shoe polish, candles, pesticides/insecticides, coated or treated calcium carbonate, polyvinyl alcohol/synthetic resin, silicon in primary form, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), algenic acid and its salts and esters, artificial leather/polyurethane, mobile housing body and glazing powder.
Other goods in the list include shredded tyre scrap/tyres cut into pieces, waste/scrap paper/covering, photo paper plain, CBS cheques paper, self adhesive paper, wall paper, stickers, linen fabric, metallic yarn powder, strip, thread, nylon rope, PVC coated fabric (Rexene), parachute cloth, polyester mesh fabric, under garments, gloves, garment accessories and parts, bed sheet of cotton, umbrella, artificial flower, eyelashes, granite tile, cement board, glass fiber roving, tanks, drums, cans, boxes, cloth, grill netting of iron or non alloy steel, motor cycles chains, iron chain, nails/tacks/pin staples, coach screw/wood screw/hooks/rings/U-bolts/ rivets, spring washers of alloy, iron or stainless steel, table or other household articles and steel enamel kitchen ware.
Other items prone to under invoicing include stainless steel kitchen and cook ware, table or other house hold article of aluminum, misc articles of base metal, welding/wire rods, parts of marine engine, parts of vehicle engine, AC parts, parts of water dispensers/fridge etc, textile machinery parts, sewing machine parts, valves/pneumatic valves/check valves/safety relief valves/galvanized stainless steel brass, ballast, inverter with battery or without battery, adaptors, batteries, lead acid batteries, rechargeable shaver, rechargeable lights of all sorts, speakers, hands free(head phone/micro phone), DVD-R player, CCTV camera, radio cassette recorder unbranded, capacitors, printed circuit, circuit breakers, switches/holders/sockets.
Moreover, following goods are also prone to under invoicing; connectors, solar panels, printed circuit board, remote controls, road tractors/prime movers, vans of china origin, loading truck, sprinkler/spraying lorries, motorcycle chain kit, contact/optical lens, plastic sun glasses, metal sun glasses, load cell, automatic voltage regulator, watches and parts, watches of plastic and metal body, guitar/drums, LED lights, press button, thermal transformer ribbon, pocket lighter, hair accessories, scent/toilet spray pump, sanitary pads/sanitary towels and tampons and sanitary napkins.