KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate of PaCCS has lodged a first information report (FIR) against the proprietor of M/s Mubah Trades willfully defrauding the exchequer and depriving the exchequer of Rs5.961 million.
According to the details of the FIR lodged before the Court of Special Judge (Customs & Taxation), the importer imported a consignment of coated abrasive cloth: Aluminum Oxide & Aluminum Zirconia cloth in rolls and filed a Goods Declaration (GD) through its agent M/s Zeeshan International declaring value of the goods at $24022.476 C&F on the basis of a invoice issued by the supplier and paid duty/taxes of Rs1.202 million.
On physical examination, of the goods, an invoice having value of the goods as $85,877.89 C&F was retrieved from inside the container issued by the same supplier.
Hence the aforesaid decaled value and invoice declared to be false and fabricated deliberately supplied by the importer for under-invoicing.
M/s Mubah Traders grossly mis-declared the value of the goods for evading government’s legitimate revenue of amounting to Rs3.098 million. The imported goods and invoice have been seized.
Data of the previous identical imports suggested that Mubah Traders previously imported one consignment of identical goods declaring the value as $3.5/KG C&F against $7.32/KG as reflected in the above mentioned retrieved invoice evading Rs2.862 million, which is also recoverable from the importer.
Efforts are being made to arrest the culprits involved in the crime and the role of concerned clearing agent and others will be determined through in-depth investigation.