Revised strength of IRS and PCS

KARACHI: Consequent upon the approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to the creation of additional posts in Inland Revenue Services (IRS) and Pakistan Customs Services (PCS), the administrative control of Federal Board of Revenue will be on 413 officers in PCS and 1138 officers in IRS ranging from Grade-17 to Grade-22.

According to details, PCS would have one officer of Grade-22, 18 officers in Grade-21, 45 officers in Grade-20, 98 officers in Grade-19, 150 officers in Grade-18 and 101 officers in Grade-17.

As far as IRS in concerned, there would be 02 officers of Grade-22, 46 officers in Grade-21, 102 officers in Grade-20, 233 officers in Grade-19, 377 officers in Grade-18 and 378 officers in Grade-17.

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