KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) PaCCS has filed a Challan before the Court of Special Judge (Customs & Taxation) against one Sahibzada Noor-ul-Amin, CEO of M/s Elektra Systems Pvt. Ltd for intentionally causing loss of Rs8.718 million to the exchequer through fraudulent means.

According to details as per the Challan, Elektra Systems evaded government revenue by concealing original invoice/value against import of their consignment containing three units of Hitachi Brand Double Effect Dual Fuel Direct Fired Absorption Chiller-Heater Capacity 450 Ton each with spare parts.

The import in the Goods Declaration (GD) declared C&F value of the goods as JPY 15.107 million and also claimed benefit of custom duty exemption under SRO-575(I)/2006. Accordingly, they determined their liability and paid an amount of Rs5.249 million towards duty and taxes.

However, upon physical examination gross mis-declaration was found as according to the invoice and packing list found inside the container, the value of the goods was found to be JPY41.4 million as against the declared value of JPY 15.107 million.

The imported had also concealed the details of the Letter of Credit in the GD.

The Challan noted that the facts sufficiently confirmed commission of fiscal fraud on the part of the importer and their associated to cause colossal loss to the national exchequer to the tune of Rs 8.718 million.

Sahibzada Noorul Amin, CEO of Elektra Systems was arrested in March 2013, after which he accepted his crime on his letter pad and paid all the evaded amount.

He further admitted that nobody from the Customs contacted him for extending gratuitous favour in the release of the GD.

Shah Zaman, MD of Zaman Agencies (Pvt) Ltd was also investigated and as per his statement, he filed the said GD as per documents received from the importer and is not aware of mis-declaration of value.

Based on the proceedings and evidences, the MCC PaCCS found the accused guilty and submitted the Challan accordingly along with statements of the witnesses.