KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has decided to revise valuation ruling No. 482.2012 to incorporate ‘Australia origin’ ‘uncoated offset paper for writing printing and photocopying’ with the customs value in line as confirmed by export declarations from Australian Customs.

According to details, certain paper importers had submitted a review application against valuation ruling No. 482.2012.

The application has submitted that in the impugned ruling reliance has been placed on Section 25(6) without exhausting remedy available under section 25(I) ibid of customs to accept the correct transaction value of impugned goods declared in truthful declaration by various imports from Australia in many goods declaration. The impugned ruling based on any discriminatory approach ignoring the legal provisions of law suffers serious legal infirmities and is liable to fail in the judicial scrutiny, therefore needs review with a view to fulfill legal obligations and collection of legitimate revenue by the national exchequer.

The review application noted that the customs values of the imported goods have to be according to provisions of Section 25 and the Rules. The provisions of Section 25 depict that the Valuation Ruling is defective as it is not based upon an evidence of physical imports of the product, which could affirm that the transactional value declared by the importer could not be reckoned as custom value.

The review application prayed that the above mentioned valuation ruling issued by Director General is contrary to the basic provisions of Article VII GATT, WTO interpretations, WCO Technical Committee interpretations, valuation rulings issued by various countries and various case laws of Pakistan’s superior courts and superior courts of other countries practicing WTO valuation agreement.

Therefore, it is prayed that the matter may be reviewed and the impugned valuation ruling No. 482/2012 may be modified to incorporate ‘Australian origin’ ‘uncoated offset paper for writing, printing and photocopying’ with the customs value in line as confirmed by exports declarations from Australian Customs.

The Directorate General of Customs Valuation accepted this plea of the applicants and the same shall be implemented in the revised valuation ruling to be issued for prospective application.