KARACHI: The WeBOC’s export from dry port module has been deployed in the live environment and fully rolled out all over the country on Monday, May 13, 2013.

The Office of the Director (WeBOC) has asked all Collectorates to ensure that all necessary arrangements have been made for the smooth transition from One Customs to WeBOC.

In particular attention is invited to necessary steps including public dissemination of information through public notice. Collectorates may also give a cut off date after which no goods declaration (GD) for exports from dry ports through Karachi shall be filed in One Customs;

Registration of exporters/clearing agents;

Registration of internal users as per the roles defined in the business flow (appraisers, examiners including E.O verification for LCL cargo, AC exports, rebate staff etc.).

Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Preventive has been asked to ensure provision of PCCSS seals to all dry ports and off-dock terminals. The seal numbers are also required to be fed in the WeBOC system.

ANF and other relevant agencies may be taken on board regarding WeBOC’s business process for exports.

The rebate claims pertaining to the exports through WeBOC shall be processed in the WeBOC system.

Frustrated cargo, re-export, export of samples and temporary exportation under ATA carnet rules shall continue to be handled through One Customs.

It may be mentioned here that all export cargo from dry ports to Karachi shall be transported through bonded carriers. Bonded carriers may be advised to get their vehicles registered in the WeBOC system through AC licensing, MCC Appraisement, Karachi.

It may be appropriate to mention that the module is newly developed and abundant precaution needs to be taken for unanticipated bugs/situation that may need immediate response.

Collectorates are asked to be vigilant in this regard and inform the project office so that appropriate remedial action could be taken.