KARACHI: The anti-smuggling unit of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Gwadar has made seizure of huge smuggled goods worth around Rs47 million on Wednesday.
Details revealed that the unit of MCC Gwadar seized a passenger bus (coming from Quetta to Karachi) on information that huge quantity of goods being smuggled into Pakistan territory.
On examination and detailed search of the bus the customs officials recovered smuggled goods worth Rs46.9 million that has CIF value of Rs30.8 million. An FIR has been registered in this regard.
The seized goods are included: ladies cloth 53,400 yards; Lux beauty soap Indonesia and Saudi Arabia origins (25200 pieces); Tubes of vehicles 500 pieces; sewing machines of Japan origin 230 pieces; tyres 200 pieces; Coca Cola Drink Iranian origins 7200 bottles and food stuff of same origin.
Dr Arslan Subuctageen, Collector, MCC Gwadar said that the huge recovery was efforts of his team and ongoing drive of FBR to free the country of illegal goods.
He said that almost half of seats of the passengers’ bus were removed to stuff the smuggled goods.