KARACHI: The Directorate of Customs Valuation has PCT-wise rearranged 62 items to enable field formations for properly ascertaining truth and accuracy of values declared.

The Directorate has already undertaken exercise to determine customs values of these items under Section 25-A of the Customs Act, 1969 and till such time that the customs values are declared, each Collectorate has been directed to keep vigil on declared values of these  items at its level for preventing under invoicing and loss of revenues.

The rearrangement of PCT headings are for identifying items and have no relevance for the purpose of classification of any item.

The Directorate expects that with the implementation of single system of WeBOC across the board, the customs administration of MCC will be enabled through database to compare the declared value to previously accepted custom values for identifying potential risk.

List of items prone to under-invoicing is as follows:

HS Code:              Description of Goods:

0802.1100             Almond in Shell

0802.1200             Almond shelled

0902.4090.2000        Vietnam Black/Green Tea

0908.3120             Small Cardamom

0910.1100             Ginger neither crushed nor ground

1511.9020             RBD Palm Oil

1511.9030             Palm Olien

1704.9090             Toffee/candy/sugar confectionary

2101.1120             Coffee in retail packing

2202.1010             soft drink 300ml tin, energy drink

2917.1110             Oxalic Acid

2929.1000             Toluene Di-Isocynate

2933.6100             Melamine

3201.9010             (Cutch) Acacia catechu

3207.4010             Glass Frit

3405.1010             Shoe polish

3406.0000             Candles

3808.5010             pesticides/insecticides

3808.9110             Pesticides/insecticides

3824.9094             Coated/treated calcium carbonate

3824.9099            Coated/treated calcium carbonate

3905.3000             Polyvinyl alcohol/synthetic resin

3910.0000             Silicon in primary form

3912.3100             Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)

3913.1000             Algenic Acid its salts and esters

3921.1300             Artificial leather/polyurethane

3926.9099             Mobile housing body

3909.2000             Glazing powder (Melamine formaldehyde Resin)

4004.0020             Shredded tyre scrap/ tyres cut into pieces

4707.9090             Waste/scrap paper/covering

4802.2000             Photo paper plain

4802.5700             CBS cheques papers

4811.4100             Self Adhesive paper

4814.2000             Wall paper

4821.1090             Stickers

5309.1900             Linen fabric

5605.0000             Metallic yarn powder, strip, thread

5607.9000             Nylon rope

5903.1000             PVC coated fabric (Rexene)

5903.9000             Parachute cloth

6006.9090             Polyester mesh fabric

6212.1000             Undergarments

6212.2000             Undergarments

6212.3000             Undergarments

6212.9000             Undergarments

6216.0010             Gloves

6217.1000             Garment accessories, Parts

6217.9000             Garment accessories, Parts

6302.3110             bed sheet of cotton

6601.9900             Umbrella

6702.1000             Artificial flower plastic material

6702.9000             Artificial flower other material

6704.1900             Eyelashes

6802.9300             Granite Tile

6810.1900             Cement Board

7019.1200             Glass fiber roving

7310.1000             Tanks, drums, cans, boxes

7314.1200             Cloth grill, netting of iron or non alloy steel

7315                  Motorcyles chains

7315.1200             Iron chain

7315.8100             Iron chain

7318                   Screw, bolts, nuts, hooks, rings, u-bolts, rivets, spring washers of alloy, iron                             or stainless steel

7323.9400             Steel enamel kitchen ware

7323.9900             Stainless kitchen/cook ware

7615.1000             Table or other household item of aluminum

8301.1000             Misc article of base metal

7323.1000             Table or other household articles

7323.9300             Table or other household articles

7321.1190             Stoves, ranges, grates, cookers and cooking range of iron or non-alloy steel

7321.1110             Stoves, ranges, grates, cookers and cooking range of iron or non-alloy                                      steel








7317.0010            Nails, tacks, pin staples