SHC puts Collector Custom, Appraisement, others on notice for Sept 28

KARACHI: A division bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) on Friday ordered issuance of pre-admission notices to chairman FBR, Chief CollectorCustoms, Karachi, Collector Customs (Appraisement) East and Collector Customs Tariff Committee for Sept 28.

The bench comprising Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and Justice Mrs Ashraf Jahan was hearing a petition filed by Mughal Iron and Steel seeking declaration that respondent custom officials have wrongly assessed the duty and taxes due to wrong classification of the imported items.

The petitioner company maintains that it is engaged in a business of manufacturing steel and iron bars, girders, T iron, angles and channels. It was further maintained that in order to bring in technology, the company imported machines and accessories from Messers Hebei Jinchong Infotech, Guangzhou worth US S 800,000.

The company filed the Goods Declaration and mentioned HS Code 8514.4000 which attracted duty worth rupees 10165,496. The custom official concerned however assessed the good under HS Code 8421. 3990 compelling the petitioner to pay and additional amount of rupees 5,452,450.

The bench after hearing the counsel for petitioner ordered issuance of notices for Sept 28.

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