Press Release of Workers’ Remittances in March 2021

Workers’ remittances extended their unprecedented streak of above $2 billion for the 10th consecutive month in March. Remittances rose to $2.7 billion in March 2021, 20 percent higher than last month and 43 percent higher than March 2020. Cumulatively during July-Mar FY 21, remittances have risen to $21.5 billion, up… Continue reading

Remittances increase by 24% YoY in Feb

Workers’ remittances from abroad ticked over US$2bn yet again (9 in a row now), clocking-in at US$2.27bn, up 24% YoY. Cumulatively, remittances now stand at US$18.74bn for 8MFY21, which is an improvement of 24% YoY. On MoM basis, remittances were relatively unchanged, where slight declines from the two largest source… Continue reading

Press Release of Workers’ Remittances in February 2021

For the 9th consecutive month, workers’ remittances remained above $2 billion in February 2021. Workers’ remittances amounted to $2.266 billion in February 2021, around the same level as the previous month and 24.2 percent higher than in February 2020. During Jul-Feb FY21, workers’ remittances reached $18.7 billion, 24.1 percent higher… Continue reading

Workers’ remittances rose to $2.34 billion in November 2020

KARACHI: Workers’ remittances maintained their strong momentum in November 2020, remaining above US$ 2 billion for a record 6th consecutive month. Workers’ remittances rose to $ 2.34 billion in November, 2.4 percent higher than in October and 28.4 percent higher than last November. During the first five months of FY21,… Continue reading

Press Release on Workers’ Remittances

• Workers’ remittances remained above $ 2.0 billion for the fifth consecutive month in October 2020. • Workers’ remittances amounted to $ 2.3 billion during October 2020, increasing by 14.1 percent compared to October 2019. • During Jul-Oct FY21, workers’ remittances increased to $9.4 billion, recording a growth of 26.5… Continue reading

Workers’ remittances increase 9% to $2.284 billion in September

KARACHI: Workers’ remittances increased by 9% MoM to $2.284 billion in Sep-2020, as against $2.095 billion in Aug-2020. Compared to the same month last year, remittances registered a rise of 31% (Sep-2019: $1.740 billion). This was the fourth consecutive month of remittances crossing the $2 billion mark. On MoM basis,… Continue reading

Workers’ Remittances rise to record monthly high in July 2020

1. In July, workers’ remittances rose to US $ 2,768.1 million. This is the highest ever level of remittances in a single month in Pakistan. 2. In terms of growth, remittances increased by 36.5 percent over July 2019 (y/y) and 12.2 percent over June 2020 (m/m). Given the impact of… Continue reading

Overseas workers’ remittances clock in at $1.894bn in March

KARACHI: The Workers’ Remittances received during July – March FY20 amounted to $16,991.6 million recording an increase $960.7 million or 6.0 percent over remittances received during July – March FY19 ($16,030.9 million). Workers’ remittances during March 2020 amounted to $1,894.4 million recording an increase of $69.4 million or 3.8 percent… Continue reading

Overseas workers’ remittances clock in $11.39 billion in first half

KARACHI: Overseas Pakistani workers remitted $11.394 billion in the first half (July to December) of FY20, showing a growth of 3.31% compared with $11.030 billion received during the same period in the preceding year. During December 2019, the inflow of workers’ remittances amounted to $2.097 billion, which is 15.25% higher… Continue reading