SSGC has been relentlessly pursuing gas theft miscreants with an effective blend of regular raids as well as aggressive prosecution of domestic to commercial theft miscreants in the court of law.

Special Judge Gas Utility Court, Karachi convicted accused Shariq, Murtaza and Anees in three different cases for using gas directly for commercial purposes , following FIRs lodged against them by SSGC Police. The three accused who settled quantum of losses to SSGC, were taken into custody, sentenced till rising of the court and were fined. Law Officer, Prosecution Wing Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS & CGTO) Karachi, contested the case. Another FIR was lodged against a Larkana resident for indulging in overhead theft and supplying gas to residents directly from the service line.

In fresh set of operations against gas theft, around 210 illegal domestic connections were removed in different cities and towns by the Company’s theft control teams.

In Karachi, Customer Relations’ Department’s theft control teams removed 25 illegal domestic underground and overhead connections in Malir and adjoining areas. In majority of the pilferage cases, residents had illegally extended gas connections that were dismantled during the raids. Service lines were also killed by SSGC teams to prevent any further unauthorized use. Theft claims are being raised for the recovery of losses incurred.

In upper and lower Balochistan, crackdown against gas theft miscreants continued with removal of 165 overhead and underground illegal gas connections in Quetta, Kalat, Mastung and adjoining towns and killis. Five fake meters were found that were also disconnected. In addition, clamps and rubber pipes used in gas theft were removed and confiscated by the theft control teams. Theft claims are also being raised.

Raids were also conducted by SSGC’s theft control teams on houses involved in underground and overhead theft in Nawabshah and Larkana regions, with the removal of 20 illegal connections. Theft clamps and rubber pipes used in pilferage were removed by the reading teams. Consequently, theft claims are being raised.

In the meantime, strict monitoring and vigilance of the gas theft infested areas will be ensured to prevent repeated cases of pilferage in the residential neighborhoods of the above-mentioned cities.

SSGC is laser focused towards controlling the menace of gas theft through regular raids and aggressive prosecution. Gas theft is one of the major reasons behind Unaccounted-for-Gas FC (UFG) or line losses being incurred by SSGC.

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