KARACHI: SITE, Electricity supply to industries in Karachi’s largest SITE industrial area has gradually started to recover after being suspended for four days. However, 30 percent of industries remain without power, preventing the full restoration of production activities.

Muhammad Kamran Arabi, President of the Association of Industry, stated in a press release on Thursday that the electricity supply to many industries was suspended due to a fire at the Haroonabad grid station on Sunday evening.

“As a result, production activities were completely halted, leading to significant financial losses for the industries. Additionally, the employment of daily wage workers has been adversely affected due to the stoppage of production,” Arabi said.

The SAI president added that, due to the continuous efforts of the SITE Association, about 70 percent of the feeders had been restored by K-Electric as of Thursday. This partial restoration has allowed some production activities to resume, albeit on a limited scale. However, power has not been fully restored to all affected industries.

Appreciating the ongoing efforts of the management and technical team of K-Electric, Kamran Arabi noted that there is still much work to be done. He urged for prompt actions to fully restore power to all affected industries so that production activities can return to normal.