Karachi, Pakistan: The Ministry of Commerce has announced a call for budget proposals for the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25, following up on its previous communications dated 9th January and 12th February 2024. The focus of these proposals is to deliberate on potential changes in Customs Tariff rates.

The Tariff Policy Centre (TPC) and Tariff Policy Wing (TPW) of the Ministry are set to process and evaluate the proposals. To ensure uniformity and ease of assessment, the Ministry has mandated the use of MS Excel Sheets for proposal submissions and discouraged the use of alternative formats.

Stakeholders are advised to thoroughly review the current Customs Tariff rates while preparing their proposals. Additionally, the Ministry has emphasized the importance of backing proposals with statistical data to prevent rejection due to any deficiencies.

Local manufacturers seeking tariff protection for their finished products or concessions on raw materials are required to provide comprehensive data in the prescribed format.

The Ministry urges all concerned parties to submit their proposals via email to budgetmincom23@gmail.com by the deadline of 31st March 2024. Submissions must be followed by hard copies for official records. Proposals received post-deadline will not be considered for review.

This initiative is part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to streamline fiscal policies and encourage active participation from various sectors in shaping the economic landscape of the country.