Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Mr. Jameel Ahmad will inaugurate Pakistan Financial Literacy Week (PFLW) 2024 on March 04, 2024 at an event at SBP Karachi. The theme for the week is ‘Digital Bankari – fori aur asaan’.

Pakistan Financial Literacy Week will be held from March 04-08-2024 and will comprise of both on-ground and virtual activities for participation across the country. During the week commercial banks and SBP field offices will hold 150 Financial Literacy Camps in 60 cities across the country. These camps will provide practical insights into digital financial services including RAAST, QR code, Asaan Mobile / Digital Accounts, along with other general topics of financial literacy.

An important segment of PFLW is outreach to students of all levels across the country in recognition of pivotal role of financial education in shaping their future. Competitions on different themes of digital finance will be organized in 16 field offices of SBP-Banking Services Corporation to instill financial awareness and responsible money management from an early age. An online video/poster competition for public has also been arranged in this regard.

Aligned with global initiatives such as Global Money Week, this event marks SBP’s first-of-its-kind endeavor to champion financial literacy and inclusion on a national scale.