KARACHI: Asif Sakhi, who is running for the Vice President position of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), has expressed his views on the current political and economic situation of the country. He said that the country’s economic improvement depended on the general elections being held in time, as per the constitutional mandate.

He also said that the electioneering at FPCCI was on in full swing, with various candidates and groups campaigning for their respective agendas. He praised the democratic culture of FPCCI, saying that the elections at the apex trade body have been free and fair since long, and that this is the beauty of democracy.

He further said that he was in favor of the grouping system at FPCCI, as it created a healthy competition among the different factions. He said that due to the presence of opposition groups, the treasury group had a pressure to perform and deliver on their promises. He said that this was beneficial for the overall development of the trade and industry sector.

He said that if elected as the Vice President of FPCCI, he would work for the welfare and prosperity of the business community, and would strive to resolve the issues and challenges faced by them. He said that he would also work to enhance the image and role of FPCCI as the voice of the private sector, and to strengthen its relations with the government and other stakeholders.