KARACHI: Qasim Yaqoob Paracha, Acting Chairman of the Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (SMAP), has called for government intervention to alleviate the axle load restrictions that are hindering the salt industry.

In a press release on Wednesday, the Acting Chairman of SMAP shed light on the critical issue of axle load restrictions affecting the salt industry’s prosperity, especially within the broader context of the Truck Load Policy. He underscored the immediate necessity for government intervention to alleviate these restrictions, allowing the industry to unleash its export potential.

“Axle load restrictions are a burden on export growth and economic stability. The press release delves into the specific impact of axle load restrictions on the salt industry’s ability to thrive under the shadow of the Truck Load Policy.”

Qasim Yaqoob Paracha articulates how these limitations are obstructing the transportation of salt products, leading to increased logistics costs and hindering the industry’s competitiveness. The appeal is not just a plea for relief but a demand for the liberation of the salt industry from the constraints imposed by axle load restrictions, proving to be a significant hurdle to economic stability.

SMAP Acting Chairman outlines the challenges posed by axle load restrictions, seamlessly connecting with the overarching narrative presented in the comprehensive press conference. The call for government intervention to address these restrictions becomes a strategic move to align Pakistan’s salt industry for exponential export growth and contribute to economic prosperity. It is an integral part of SMAP’s vision to rekindle the industry’s prosperity and establish Pakistan as a global leader in exporting premium-quality, value-added salt products.

He concludes with a resounding call for collaborative action. It is an urgent invitation for the government to stand as a partner in the industry’s liberation from axle load restrictions within the context of the Truck Load Policy, paving the way for economic prosperity and unhindered export potential. With the right support, the salt industry can break free from these limitations and emerge as a driving force in contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

“This press release is not merely an appeal; it is a strategic move towards unleashing the export potential of Pakistan’s salt industry, symbolizing a collective endeavor to secure a brighter and more prosperous future by addressing the specific challenges posed by axle load restrictions within the broader framework of the Truck Load Policy,” Paracha opined.