Keeping abreast with the new and emerging technologies internationally, Sui Southern Gas Company inaugurated a newly deployed system that will automate 50 Town Border Stations (TBS), which will be used  for gas load management as per the international best practices.

The project was formally inaugurated by Managing Director SSGC, Imran Maniar in presence of senior management of the organization along with the project team. He was also joined by Junaid Mushtaq Paracha, President Avanceon Southeast Asia. Avanceon has been SSGC’s partner in this deployment of this technology.

This groundbreaking initiative will enhance the efficiency and reliability of SSGC’s natural gas distribution network through the installation of a state-of-the-art TBS Automation and Control system. The project aims to identify and mitigate UFG (Unaccounted-for-Gas) by utilizing advanced monitoring and analytical tools while managing the pressure levels in real time optimize distribution, minimize losses, and ensure optimal performance across the network.

Having more than 900 TBSs all across franchise area, out of which in the first phase, the Company has taken this initiative to automate 50 of the major TBSs that are the critical nodes in Karachi. This pilot project will pave the way for more such expansions in future, whereby, the rest of the TBSs can be automated to allow adopting the inetrernational best practices in the area of gas load management. The system installation not only marks a significant leap forward in operational efficiency through introduction of technology but also serves as a testament to the Company’s dedication to sustainability, safety and the continuous enhancement of the natural gas distribution ecosystem.

SSGC firmly believes in taking a leap to digitalize and automate process so that the customer’s concerns can be addressed in real time basis.