GWADAR: I&I-Customs, Gwadar, under instructions by Director General Faiz Ahmad, executed a significant raid on November 2, 2023. Acting on a tip-off provided by the Intelligence Bureau, Moeen Afzal Ali, Additional Director of I&I-Customs, Gwadar, in collaboration with the local police and Frontier Corps, initiated the operation in Jam Colony, Hub.

The operation was not without its challenges, as the team encountered resistance from local residents, including incidents of stone-pelting and roadblocks. With the assistance of the district police and Frontier Corps, the road was eventually cleared, allowing the authorities to escort nine Mazda trucks loaded with seized contraband goods.

The haul includes a substantial quantity of contraband, comprising 30.80 metric tons of Betel nuts valued at Rs. 107.94 million, 630,000 sachets of Indian origin Gutkha (brands such as Safina and Adab) valued at Rs. 20.79 million, and 840,000 cigarette sticks (brands like L&M, Pine, Milano) valued at Rs. 2.52 million. The total estimated value of the seizure stands at Rs. 131.25 million.

It may be mentioned here that supari factories have moved to Hub, Baluchistan after a crackdown was launched in Karachi. The owners of these factories are absconding and many are wanted by FIA. A similar crackdown is also planned in Hub.