KARACHI: A team of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) led by Mr. Arshad Khurshid (President) had a highly productive meeting on, October 5th, 2023, with Member Customs (Operation) FBR, Ms. Zeba Hai Azhar, at the Custom House Karachi.

The primary focus of KCAA during the discussion centered on most critical challenges face by the Customs Agents. Several points were raised by KCAA delegation regarding the facilitation and betterment of the trade and Customs Agents Community. Especially the regularization of Provisional Customs Agents Licenses and fine / penalty on Exports shipments under SRO.499(I)/2009.

Ms. Zeba Hai Azhar, the esteemed Member of Customs (Operation) at FBR, patiently listened to these concerns and affirmed her full cooperation in the best interests of trade. She also assured that the Board would take the necessary steps to regularize Provisional Licenses and refrain from imposing fines on export shipments under SRO.499.

KCAA appreciated the positive attitude and certainly acknowledge prompt decisions for the betterment of country’s economy.

KCAA team also includes Mr. Mehmood ul Hasan Awan ( General Secretary), Mr. Saif ullah Khan, Mr. Maqbool Ahmed Malik, Muhammad Amin Essani, Mr. Khursheed Alam, Mr. Qamar ul Islam, Mr. Yahya Muhammad and Mr. Saad Qureshi.

Chief FBR Ashad sb, Director R&A Sanaullahsb and Usman Tariq accompanies Member Customs.