KARACHI: Power generation in July 2023 increased by 4.9% YoY to 14,839 GWh (19,945 MW), compared to 14,151 GWh (19,020 MW) in July 2022. On a MoM basis, generation also increased by 8.2%. However, during the first seven months of CY23, power generation decreased by 8.5% YoY to 75,861 GWh (14,910 MW) compared to 82,948 GWh (16,303 MW) during the same period in CY22. This decline is attributed to the overall decline in economic activity across the country and lower domestic consumption due to the rise in electricity tariffs.

The major contributors to power generation during July 2023 were Hydel (37.2%), RLNG (19.7%), Coal (14.7%), Nuclear (14.2%), Gas (7.6%), Wind (3.7%), FO (2.0%), Solar (0.5%), and Bagasse (0.3%). China Power Hub Generation generated 160GWh during July 2023, with a load factor of 16%, compared to 412GWh with a load factor of 42% during July 2022.

The cost of power generation decreased by 22.1% YoY to PKR 8.34/KWh during July 2023, but still higher than the reference cost of PKR 6.89/KWh. This decrease was led by a decrease in coal-based cost of generation by 43% YoY due to cheaper local coal-based power plants added to the system, a decrease in FO-based cost of generation by 20% YoY, and a decrease in RLNG-based cost of generation by 14% YoY due to a decline in RLNG prices.

Overall, power generation increased in July 2023 compared to the previous year, but decreased during the first seven months of CY23 compared to the same period in CY22.