QUETTA: Customs Enforcement Quetta has seized smuggled goods worth Rs60 million at Quetta-Karachi road, in a bid to curb the illegal trade in the province. The goods include sugar, non-custom paid vehicles, betel nut, cigarettes, auto parts and other miscellaneous items.

The anti-smuggling operations were conducted by Lakpas Customs on the directives of Collector Quetta Irfan ur Rehman, Additional Collector Umar Shafique and Deputy Collector Asal Aleem. Senior Field Enforcement Officer Fareed rind and his team comprising Inspectors Arsalan Bazi, Kunwar Hasan Khan and Class-iV staff carried out three successful raids in a single day.

Customs Quetta has expedited its efforts to prevent smuggling in Baluchistan, with the assistance of Frontier Corps (FC). It said that smuggling of sugar and wheat to Afghanistan has been stopped due to the joint efforts of Customs and FC.

However, there are several challenges faced by Customs Quetta in performing its duties. Customs is short of staff and faces law and order issues whenever smuggled goods are seized. Customs does not have any support from police and district administration in dealing with the smugglers and their supporters.

An official urged the authorities to provide adequate security and resources to Customs Quetta to enable it to perform its functions effectively.