Karachi: In a major blow to the smugglers and tax evaders, the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, Karachi, destroyed huge quantities of foreign origin smuggled goods worth Rs.800 million (Rupees 80 crore) on Thursday, July 6, 2023. The goods were expired or unfit for human consumption and posed a serious threat to the health and safety of the consumers.

The goods included betel nuts 700 Metric Ton valuing Rs.7000 million (approx.), cigarettes 2,251,800 sticks valuing Rs.22 million, confectionery items 2,830 carton valuing Rs.20.5 million, gutka 671,625 pouches valuing Rs.16 million, ajinomoto salt 8,125 kg valuing 10 million, cooking / edible oil 18,812 liters valuing Rs.8.8 million, rani juice 4,324 crates valuing Rs.7.3 million, and other miscellaneous goods valuing Rs.8 million.

The destruction ceremony was held at Malik Corporation, Plot No. 243, Deh Narathar, Near Malik Nauman Poultry Farm, Gadap Town, Karachi. It was supervised by the Judicial Magistrate-I, Gadap Town. Representatives of the Department of Plant Protection, Environmental Protection Agency, Sindh Police, Pakistan Tobacco Company and officials from various Collectorates were also present at the occasion.

The Director General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation, Islamabad, Ch. Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, and the Director of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, Karachi, Mr. Habib Ahmad, appreciated the efforts of the Directorate staff for conducting successful anti-smuggling operations and seizing such a large quantity of smuggled goods.

They also directed the field formations to intensify the crackdown on smuggling and movement of non-duty-paid goods in order to protect the local industry and economy from unfair competition and to safeguard the public health and environment from hazardous products.

The Directorate also announced that other seized goods will be auctioned soon to vacate the state warehouses and generate revenue for the national exchequer. The field formations have been assigned ambitious targets given their recent performance and are expected to deliver accordingly.

The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, Karachi, is one of the leading anti-smuggling agencies in the country and has been playing a vital role in curbing smuggling and tax evasion activities in its jurisdiction.