The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has released its investigation report on the LPG Cylinder Blast incident that occurred at Crunch Bite Restaurant in District Narowal, resulting in the unfortunate loss of four lives and several injuries. The report indicates that the catastrophic incident could have been prevented if proper safety measures had been in place.

According to the investigation findings, the incident was primarily attributed to a lack of awareness and negligence on the part of the restaurant staff. The absence of hooters/smoke alarms or gas detectors, improper ventilation in the kitchen where the LPG cylinders were installed, and the non-availability of a special fire extinguisher (DCP) were key contributing factors. Additionally, the restaurant management failed to inform the diners about the fire eruption and instruct them to evacuate promptly.

In light of this incident, OGRA has taken the initiative to issue advisory notes to all Chief Secretaries, urging their collaboration in raising awareness about the safe use of LPG cylinders in both residential and commercial settings. OGRA emphasizes the need to implement the following safety criteria at the local level, as LPG is highly inflammable and mishandling it can lead to fatal incidents:

Placement of LPG cylinders in well-ventilated areas.
Installation and availability of special fire extinguishers (DCP) in restaurants.
Installation of hooters, smoke alarms, and gas detectors.
Provision of emergency functional exits in restaurants.
Restriction of LPG installations, fittings, and valve changes to trained staff only.
By establishing these minimum safety criteria at the district level, OGRA aims to enhance the safety standards in the handling and usage of LPG cylinders. It is crucial for all stakeholders, including the restaurant industry, to prioritize the implementation of these measures to ensure the well-being of both customers and employees.

OGRA encourages Chief Secretaries to join hands with the authority in launching comprehensive awareness campaigns to educate the public about safe practices related to LPG usage. By working together, we can prevent tragic incidents and protect precious lives.

Imran Ghaznavi
Spokesman OGRA

About OGRA:

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is a regulatory body responsible for regulating mid and downstream petroleum sector in Pakistan. OGRA aims to prioritise public safety and environmental sustainability